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About Us

Connell Industries, Inc., founded in 1996 and based in West Caldwell, NJ, is a premier provider of electrical engineering, automation solutions, PLC programming / troubleshooting, SCADA systems and control system retrofits. Our clients hail from a wide variety of industries such as utilities, food and beverage, packaging, infrastructure and more.

With expertise ranging from PLC/PAC programming to overall control system project management, Connell Industries will tailor its products and services to meet your specific needs. We have earned our reputation by providing our clients with high quality, innovative control system solutions designed to take their operations to the next level of performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. And as an ISNetworld member contractor you can rest assured that Connell Industries will perform its on-site work safely.

Contact us today to see how Connell Industries can make an immediate difference in the overall success and profitability of your business.

Industrial Automation Controls Systems Products

Connell Industries has a comprehensive industrial automation controls product line that can improve your industrial and infrastructure controls system so it meets your latest needs for safety, performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

  • Control and Automation Systems: PLC/PAC hardware and software engineered to create a custom control and automation system specifically adapted to your equipment that will provide increased performance, energy efficiency, reliability, quality and safety.
  • Custom Built Control Panels: Expertly designed and fabricated control panels that will be fairly priced to meet all your engineering specifications for hardware and programming. Additionally, Connell Industries can assist you with the control panel installation or any other system integration requirements.
  • SCADA Control Systems: Built around Induction Automation's Ignition software, Connell's SCADA systems provides the latest technology to provide safe, secure and budget conscious 24/7 remote monitoring of all industrial and infrastructure control systems by your key managers.
  • Compressor Control Systems and Retrofits: Controls upgrade packages are available for all models of large air and natural gas compressors that use PLC control systems such as Allen Bradley, GE 90/30 or other PLC/OEM brands.
  • PLC and HMI Retrofit Systems: Upgrade your older/obsolete controls systems to obtain the latest in technology while cost effectively extending the life of your equipment.

PET Blowmolding Products

For PET blowmolding machines, Connell Industries offers cost effective energy efficiency systems to reduce your electricity use, saving you thousands of dollars per year while also reducing your environmental footprint. We also build hot fill/heat set container test equipment to ensure your blow molded containers continuously conform to your quality specifications.

  • PET Blowmolding Air Recycling System (ARS): The ARS is a state of the art compressed air recycling system that reuses mold station exhaust air to reduce compressor runtime. It is easily and quickly installed and yields cost savings from the very first day.
  • PET Blowmolding Reduced Energy Oven Banks: Reduced Energy Oven Banks are specifically designed to reduce oven electricity consumption by 30% over existing OEM oven banks, by reflecting more infra-red energy from the oven lamps directly into the preform body.
  • Hot Fill Bottle Filling Systems: Only a Connell Industries Hot Fill Bottle Filling System can safely and reliably generate and deliver the 195 degree Fahrenheit water your tests require to ensure you meet your quality control targets.
  • Hot Fill Spray Tank Systems: Another test system designed by Connell Industries is the Hot Fill Spray Tank System. It is a steady source of 75 degree Fahrenheit water needed to spray capped, prefilled heat set containers to check thermal stability.

Industrial Automation Control Systems Services

Connell Industries can provide its customers with a wide range of services devoted to providing comprehensive coverage for all industrial and infrastructure controls systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Troubleshooting and Repair: Connell Industries can rapidly troubleshoot and repair all industrial and infrastructure PLC and electro-mechanical control systems found on a wide variety of equipment in multiple industries.
  • Technical Service and Support: Our toll free hotline gives you immediate access to our technical support services that can assist your effort to get equipment back on line quickly. And if remote access is granted, we can safely and securely scan your controls system for any related hardware or software malfunctions that could be contributing to the stoppage.
  • Project Management: Connell Industries can assist with the installation, relocation, upgrading and commissioning of all your manufacturing machinery. Our managers have the hands-on experience necessary to keep your project on time and under budget.
  • Machine Controls Systems Program Archive Service: Get round the clock remote access to your archived, cataloged and protected controls programs and project files via download links from our safe and secure servers. Never worry again about losing program operating files or not having the correct version.
  • Spare Parts Service: We carry spare parts for all the products we sell plus PLC parts for Allen Bradley, GE and many other PLC manufacturers. In most instances our parts can ship within 1-2 business days from either our inventory or direct ship from our supplier's inventory.

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Products and Services

Control and Automation Systems

Let Connell Industries custom design a new or upgraded controls or automation system that is tailored to your specific needs and application. Each system is meticulously fabricated, certified and professionally installed to help you maximize your profits from Day One. We strive to provide the latest in controls and automation technologies that can effectively monitor and optimize machine efficiencies while minimizing downtime. All of our engineers have the hands on knowledge and expertise that can only be gained by working with a wide array of control and automation systems that span multiple industries.

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SCADA Systems

Connell Industries is your supplier of choice for custom designed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. These systems are adaptable to all manufacturing and infrastructure PLC based controls systems and many analog control systems. What is unique to our SCADA system is that it is built exclusively around Inductive Automation's Ignition software which is the next generation SCADA platform.

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Compressor Control Systems and Retrofits

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save money is by significantly reducing your plant's compressor expenses. Connell Industries has the expertise and experience needed to design and build a customized, network based PLC control system that can replace your older and in most cases, obsolete compressor controls. We can upgrade the controls for all the major compressor OEM's such as Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco and others.

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PET Blowmolding Air Recycling Systems

Connell Industries can help you significantly reduce both your blow molding operation's energy costs and environmental footprint through the purchase of an Air Recycling System (ARS) developed by Technoplan Engineering S.A. The ARS is adaptable to all makes and models of blow molders and can be expertly installed by our technicians.

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PET Blowmolding Reduced Energy Oven Banks

This innovative blow molder oven bank designed and built by Technoplan Engineering S.A. and offered for sale by Connell Industries, decreases oven power consumption by 25% as compared to existing OEM oven banks. This result is obtained by combining specialized ceramic materials with a unique heat shield design that directs more infrared energy to heat the preform body more efficiently, but without sacrificing container quality or machine speed.

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Hot Fill Bottle Filling Systems

If you are looking for the best and most cost effective PLC controlled hot fill/heat set tester on the market today, then go no farther as Connell Industries has the unit just for you. Used by many of the largest PET hot fill bottlers and heat set manufacturers in the U.S., our 10 station hot fill system will safely and reliably meet your stringent hot fill and heat set testing requirements.

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Hot Fill Spray Tank Systems

Connell Industries Hot Fill Spray Tank Testing system is the safest and most cost-effective water spray tank system designed to meet your stringent hot fill and heat set quality control requirements. Our spray tank system tests pre-filled and capped hot filled bottles for thermal stability and consistency. It does this by spraying 75 degree Fahrenheit water over them for a specific duration. It can test up to 10 containers at once by loading them onto a perforated stainless steel deck inside the testing chamber.

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24 Hour Emergency Troubleshooting and Repair

When 24/7 emergency troubleshooting and repair of your industrial automation controls system is needed, call Connell Industries at (877) 926-6635. Our field service engineers have the technical know-how and plant floor experience to quickly diagnose and fix any controls problem you may have. Our many satisfied clients, both large and small, span multiple industries, such as food and beverage, packaging, power generation, infrastructure and many others.

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Spare Parts

Connell Industries has many of the spare parts needed to maintain or quickly repair your automated industrial controls systems. Our spare parts inventory ranges from PLC's and I/O modules, to sensors, switches, routers, and more. Most parts can ship within 1-2 business days.

We also stock many of the parts and supplies necessary to support our PET blowmolding systems such as the Air Recycling System, Reduced Energy Oven Banks, the Hot Fill Testing System and the Hot Fill Spray Tank System.

All key components are OEM certified and come with a Connell Industries 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To learn more about our Spare Parts service or to answer any questions you might have, please contact us today.

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ISNetworld Approved Contractor

ISNetworld is a global resource for connecting Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors. ISNetworld brings together Hiring Clients and contractors, creating safer work environments and lasting partnerships.

Member of the Avetta Consortium

As a member of Avetta, Connell Industries has proved that it can meet the stringent requirements of Avetta's client companies and is now qualified to be a world-wide supplier of engineering services.

State of New Jersey Public Works Contractor

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 34:11-56.48, et seq. of the Public Works Contractor Registration Act, Connell Industries is issued this certificate of registration (#702554) for the purpose of bidding on any contract for public work or for engaging in the performance of any public work from 9/29/2016 through 9/28/2017.

Control System Integrators Association

Connell Industries is a member of the Control System Integrators Association. CSIA's landmark Certified Member Program provides an industry-specific means for end users to identify areas of importance and minimize uncertainties in selecting a control system integrator.

Connected with Kepware® System Integrator Program

Connell Industries is a silver member of the Connected with Kepware® System Integrator Program. As a silver-level system integrator, we have Kepware application experience and meet Kepware's product training qualifications.

Gold Certified Inductive Automation Integrator

With Inductive Automation's Ignition you can see, control, and analyze your data like never before. Click on the logo to the left to see how Ignition defines The New SCADA experience by putting the power of data-driven decision-making in your hands.

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Meet Our Team

Vincent Digangi, Jr.  


As the principal owner of Connell Industries, Vincent brings over 30 years of experience as an industrial automation systems designer and integrator. As such he has a wide range of talents and knowledge that makes him an expert in the field. Vincent can design, fabricate or upgrade automation controls systems for applications found in a wide variety of industries. As an innovator and a holder of patents in both the United States and Europe, Vincent understands how best to incorporate the latest technologies into Connell Industries’ control systems. This approach ensures that customers receive state-of-the-art control systems that are flexible, scalable and virtually future proof; thus delivering optimal performance and reliability for many years to come.

Adam Abelew  

Senior Field Engineer

Adam Abelew has over 20 years experience as an industrial automation systems integrator. His expertise lies in his ability to troubleshoot, program and service all major brands of PLC/PAC systems such as Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens and Beckhoff. Adam is also very skilled with drives, VFD's and servo systems. Furthermore, due to his exposure to various types of machinery over the years, Adam is very knowledgeable with electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Rey Tirado  

Field Service Engineer

With 6 years of experience as an automation engineer Rey brings a fresh perspective to our company. He is accustomed to working in an industrial environment and is extremely savvy. Rey is skilled in the set up of communication networks between PLCs, I/O modules, HMI's, databases and computer servers. He is very familiar with the troubleshooting and programming of VFD and Servo drive systems. Rey also has a solid proficiency in Rockwell Automation and Wonderware.

Dan Strassberg  

Field Service Engineer

Dan is the latest addition to the team of control systems engineers at Connell Industries He is a recent graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where Dan was awarded an M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering with his area of concentration being Process Automation and Design. This new found knowledge combined with his previous work experience, gives Dan the ability to provide Connell with insight into the latest in PLC programming and automation technologies.

John Wilkins  

Field Service Engineer

John is a highly skilled software and controls engineer that has over 20 years of experience. He brings to the table a deep exposure to multiple manufacturing and process techniques. Since joining Connell Industries, John has been primarily responsible for the troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and upgrade of the various types of PLC/PAC controls systems used by movable bridges throughout the State of New Jersey. John's proficiency, knowledge and meticulous attention to detail has greatly increased bridge performance, reliability and safety. John is also the head of development for Connell's state of the art SCADA system.

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